Bethel is committed to New Testament Worship. This means that preaching and teaching of the Bible are central. Music and singing are true to Scripture. Prayer, giving, and the gospel ordinances are emphasized and practiced regularly.

Led by Music Director Eric Thomsen, congregational music is accompanied by piano, organ, and guitar, along with a weekly choir. A seasonal choir providing musicals and cantatas is open to volunteers from the congregation.

Children also play an important role at Bethel. From the annual Christmas and VBS program to offertories, Scripture reading, and more, we ensure children have opportunities to be involved in the worship of the church.

Special Music Schedule | January-May 2020

March 1

AM  –  Bethel Ladies’ Trio – Bambi Bandle, Leah Stevanus, Terri Gates
PM  –  Sandy Noe

March 8

AM  –  Freeman Ladies | PM  –  Will, Jake, and Meg Gates

March 15

AM  –  Elizabeth Settle | PM  –  Jamie Gates & Bambi Bandle

March 22

AM  –  The Forrest Family | PM  –  Men’s Ensemble

March 29

AM  –  Caia Lytle & Meg Gates | PM  –  Congregational Favorites

April 5

AM  –  Bambi Bandle, Dianne Garrett, Eric Thomsen
PM  –  Jake Gates

April 12

AM  –  Bethel Choir (Easter)

April 19

AM  –  Terri Gates & Leah Stevanus | PM  –  Congregational Favorites

April 26

AM  –  Bethel Ladies’ Trio – Bambi Bandle, Leah Stevanus, Terri Gates
PM  –  Ellie Forrest

May 3

AM  – Terry Forrest | PM  –  Roy Lee

May 10

AM  –  Meg Gates & Caia Lytle | PM  –  Jon Forrest (Granny’s Corner)

May 17

AM  –  Bethel Choir | PM  –  Donna Forrest and Beth Campbell

May 24

AM  –  Eric Thomsen, Victoria Matlock | PM  –  The Freeman Family

May 31

AM – Victoria Matlock, Leah Stevanus, Eric Thomsen | PM – The Lord’s Supper & Feetwashing