After eight long weeks, this Sunday, May 10, Bethel Church will begin meeting together again!

This sunday we will have two opportunities to attend worship in the family life center. One service will begin at 9 and the second service will be at 11. However, as we reopen, we will adhere to the following state guidelines

  • Meeting in the family life center allows us to spread out and maintain social distance.
  • We hope not to exceed 150 people at either service. Please be aware that we may reach capacity at one or both of the services which would require us to ask you to watch the service online. 
  • Yes, we do plan to continue streaming the services online and do not want anyone who is uncomfortable with being in a crowd at this time to feel any pressure to go against your better judgement.
  • The governor has asked people who meet to wear face coverings. We are aware that they are not readily available, which means we want to diligently maintain our distance from one another.
  • People 65 and over, or people with other conditions which make them vulnerable, should wait to gather with us at a later time.
  • If you are ill, or have been ill in the past two weeks, please join us online. 
  • We will not have any children’s services or childcare. We also ask that restroom usage be kept to a minimum and we will have no food or drink.

We have all missed one another, and I know this will be difficult, but we ask that you keep fellowship time before and after services to a minimum. This is especially important If you come to the 9 o’clock service. We will be wiping down all surfaces between the two services and will need all the time we can. Thank you for helping us continue to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. See you Sunday!